20 July 2010


Spock and I are on vacation, for the first time ever [with each other, that is]! We trekked [ha HA!] for five hours in the blistering Illinois heat--especially when my air conditioning quit working--to visit Spock's paternal grandparents downstate. We also managed to stall out my car, and I almost fainted! This is high adventure, readership!
So far, it's been nice here. Their house is nerve-wrackingly clean, especially when compared with his maternal grandparents. So, it'll take some getting used to, but other than that, I think I'll get along just fine. We watched Tropic Thunder last night, and will probably devour chunks of their extensive movie library over the course of the week.
On a sadder note, Freak and her boyfriend broke up, but I have absolutely no idea why. It still makes me sad though; Vito seemed like a decent guy. Not too pleased about being called an asshole on Freak's Facebook wall, though. Especially by someone who's got their own vendetta against me, and--
Umm... Enough drama. I'm going to have fun on this vacation if it kills me.

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