27 March 2010

Dually U-Turns, Free Internet, and Machelor's Degrees: My First College Visit

Maybe you hadn't noticed by the content of my posts, but my parents, as well as myself, are extraordinarily antisocial. Particularly Severe, my dad. So, when I asked the both of them to come with me to You Are EIU Day, which is the open house at my college of choice, I was shocked when both of them agreed. Honestly, I even think Severe had a better time than my mom. Freak, who is one of my oldest and closest friends, goes to EIU as a music major, and we've decided to dorm together. Severe has always gotten along with her, possibly because she's one of the few friends I have that isn't a troublemaker. So, after I went to a workshop with the other psych majors, who were all younger than me, the few of them that they are, we hung out with Freak. My parents went to a panel to learn how to be empty nesters, even thought they have two other children, and Freak and I wandered the campus, especially the very shiny fine arts building, Doudna. Here is a picture of some of its shininess:

We also went to the library, where I drooled an awful lot, and contemplated attempting work study. I'm still salivating just thinking of all those books...

We found my parents and had lunch, which was complimentary for us, as well as Freak, because Severe, a renowned kleptomaniac, swiped another meal ticket. I can't really feel too bad, because a lot of people didn't show up in the first place. Freak told us about the campus, and answered the half a million questions Mama Bear bombarded her with, and then she showed us McKinney Hall, which is where I will be dorming. Here's a picture [it's not as impressive as Doudna]:

After that, we showed my parents around Doudna until they got tired, and remembered that I still had homework to do. So, Mama Bear took a bazillion [her word, not mine] pictures of Freak and I in front of the campus, and in trees, and being dorks, and then we went home.
Once at home, I finished my homework and sent it in [ah, the wonders of modern technology]. Mama Bear ordered pizza, and I invited Spock to come over and watch Saw II, the only movie out of the series he hadn't seen, and my favorite one of the bunch. That needle pit is wicked. Here, have nightmares with me:

And now, since it's been a long time, it's time for a list!
I'm going to be doing an alphabet image meme, with a slight twist. Instead of the standard alphabet, I will be using the NATO phonetic alphabet; you know, the one used by police and the military! I'm betting the results will be quite different!
A: Alpha

B: Bravo

C: Charlie

D: Delta

E: Echo

F: Foxtrot

G: Golf

H: Hotel

I: India

J: Juliet

K: Kilo

L: Lima

M: Mike

N: November

O: Oscar

P: Papa

Q: Quebec

R: Romeo

S: Sierra

T: Tango

U: Uniform

V: Victor

W: Whiskey

X: X-Ray

Y: Yankee

Z: Zulu

I feel so patriotic...

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