06 March 2010

Weighing In

I should be more excited than I am at present. I've done a lot of interesting things over the past few days. I saw the new Alice in Wonderland; it was a midnight show, and I dressed up as the Mad Hatter. Spock and I drove up to Lombard to go to a wake for his step-mom's grandfather; while that isn't exciting, it certainly is interesting. I met a lot of his family members there, and they gave me lots of hugs, and actually paid attention to me. Today, Spock and I, along with my mom and sisters, went to a birthday/retirement party for my papa. Spock met a lot of my relatives, who proceeded to ignored both he and I for the duration of the day. We came home and watched Seven Pounds, which, from what I can see, glorifies suicide as long as it's for a so-called noble cause. In my view--and I am allowed to have this view, considering that I've attempted suicide a number of times--is that suicide is never noble. Suicide is selfish. Impersonating an IRS agent is illegal, not virtuous. That movie didn't move me, it just pissed me off.
I did, however, like the idea of giving away pieces of oneself. That interests me. The part about giving them to random people, not so much.
Here are my seven pounds:
1. My kidneys, to Spock, who needs them more than I do.
2. My lungs, to Nonny, because all the smoking has destroyed hers.
3. My legs, to that boy in the wheelchair who always sits in the lobby at school, waiting for his ride; no-one ever talks to him...
4. My writing, all of it, to any publisher that will have it, so long as all the proceeds go towards mental health research.
5. My heart, to Severe, my dad, because he clearly needs a new one.
6. My hair, to the next person in my family/circle of friends who gets cancer and has to go through chemo.
7. My blood, to the Red Cross; maybe they'll figure out some way to actually get it out of my body and use it.

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