09 March 2010

We Will Fight in the Shade

The first time Spock watched 300 was at a military base in Spain. The first time I watched it was in my living room, with Spock and Severe. Either way, and in either place, it was fucking amazing. There is no other way to describe it. There was so much blood, and so much yelling, and stabbing, and piercings, and pert naked breasts... so much of everything that is awesome in life. I know I'm behind in watching 300, seeing as it came out almost four years ago, but the hype was definitely true to the movie. Few hyped-up movies can live up to expectations, but this one has. And, so that you can enjoy it further, I present...
Top Ten 300 Spoofs and Parodies
...and my favorite line from each
1. 300 - PG Version
This is delicious!
2. 300 Trailer - Second Best Parody Ever
He's always kicking Persians
3. This is Sparta! Last techno remix
I'm gonna die!!!!!
4. The Latino Comedy Project's "300"
*Mexicans roaring*
5. The Spartan 300 Workout Program
Learn how to kill walls with your bare hands.
6. It's Raining 300 Men
It's raining men! *Persians fall off of cliff*
7. Failed "300" Auditions
Yes, we are looking for big nipples.
8. 300 Parody - Where's My Cat?
9. Sparta Remix - Chocolaaate!
10. 300 LEGO Trailer
We're in for one wild night..
Even a god-king can bleed.

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