31 March 2010

Something Tells Me I'm Into Something Good

I'm very excited for Friday, for one reason in particular. Friday is the Nationwide Equality Prom, a first-time event in which people are encouraged to wear promwear and go about their daily activities. I want to be a part of this [and I encourage you to be, as well], so I went to a local thrift store to buy a prom dress, as my old ones won't fit; I seem to have put on the Freshman 15. In order to "test drive" my dress, Spock and I wandered around town a bit on the way to the post office. I didn't enjoy the stares, but I ran into a friend and explained what the dress was all about, so I felt better about it in the end. Friday is going to be so much fun!
Today is my sister's 9th birthday. She absolutely loves the Beatles, and Sir Paul McCartney in particular, so in her honor I give you...
Nine Pictures of Sir Paul McCartney Making Various Faces

Happy birthday, Ladybug!

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