14 March 2010

Nobody's Hero / 100th Post!

I have never done wiring in my life. And yet, Spock's mom, Moose, trusted me to wire the chandelier that she bought for her new house. I suppose, given that there were no directions to follow in the first place, I did a pretty bang-up job. It works, after all. And we only had to rewire it a few times. Moose's friend from work was helping us along, but he didn't know how to wire the thing either. So I wired it, we wired it into the main power, and... nothing happened. After taking it apart and checking connections, we tried again.. nothing. Then, the guy realizes he told me the wrong way to wire it. I took the entire thing apart, rewired EVERYTHING, and then, and only then, it worked. Oh, that glorious chandelier finally worked!
So, Spock and I went back to my house to watch my sisters, because my parents went out to meet a friend of Severe's and his wife for dinner. They couldn't have been gone more than five minutes when Severe called, and told me to jump in the car and meet them, in the dark, on the side of a road about a mile away. Mama Bear, valiantly trying to avoid killing a dog, still managed to clip the beast, and while the dog lived, her van didn't fare so well. There is a gaping hole in one side, and to top it off, she also got stuck in a ditch. We used my itty bitty Plymouth to pull a minivan out of a ditch. It was so epic.

I am happy to announce that this is my ONE HUNDREDTH POST! To celebrate, I will be doing a Top 102 List. It's going to be time-consuming, lengthy, and freakin' awesome!
Top 10-Squared!
1. Top ten Most Frequently Used Blog Tags
  1. spock (43)
  2. family (17)
  3. school (13)
  4. star trek (13)
  5. movies (12)
  6. top 13 (9)
  7. contest (8)
  8. weebeast (8)
  9. death (7)
  10. halloween (7)
2. Top Ten Nicknames of/for Former Boyfriends/Girlfriend
Not in chronological order
  1. Puff
  2. Spock
  3. Squishy
  4. Beaver
  5. Goofy
  6. Stupid
  7. Bunny Boy
  8. Bear
  9. Shadow [applies to two]
  10. Shithead [applies to most, but not all]
3. Top Ten Bad Habits
  1. Nail biting
  2. Picking scabs
  3. Facebook
  4. Staying up too late
  5. Correcting spelling mistakes in IMs
  6. Picking fights
  7. Swearing
  8. Lurking on other people's Facebook pages, trying to remember if I know them, and looking through their friends to see if I missed friending them
  9. Making e-mail accounts that I never check
  10. Talking back
4. Top Ten Most Frequently Played Songs on My iTunes
  1. Hope, Rush [44]
  2. Sunday Morning, Maroon 5 [44]
  3. Planet of the Apes, Mindless Self Indulgence [38]
  4. Madrigal, Rush [32]
  5. Valley Girl, Frank Zappa [31]
  6. Wonderous Stories, Yes [29]
  7. Superconductor, Rush [26]
  8. On It, Mindless Self Indulgence [25]
  9. Pick Up the Pieces, The Average White Band [25]
  10. For Your Entertainment, Adam Lambert [23]
5. Ten 100x100 images
Using a random word generator for searches!
  1. Undesirable =
  2. Behalf =
  3. Contributor =
  4. Brown =
  5. Gig =
  6. Troop =
  7. Outset =
  8. Logic =
  9. Freeze =
  10. Net =
6. Ten Musical Artists I Have Recently Latched Onto
Keep in mind I usually just listen to Rush and Yes
  1. Lady GaGa
  2. Adam Lambert
  3. Beyonce
  4. P!nk
  5. Marilyn Manson
  6. Eurythmics
  7. Korn
  8. Katy Perry
  9. No Doubt
  10. Disturbed
7. Ten 100x100 Pictures of Random Body Parts
  1. eye =
  2. nose =
  3. toe =
  4. hand =
  5. leg =
  6. buttock =
  7. joint =
  8. thumb =
  9. knee =
  10. stomach =
8. Ten Fun Flash Games
  1. Sushi Cat
  2. Kitten Cannon
  3. Red Remover
  4. Seed
  5. Mind the Blox
  6. Woobies
  7. Linyca
  8. Columz
  9. Combine
  10. Bomboozle
9. Ten Videos of Large Men Dancing
  1. Single Ladies, by Beyonce
  2. Hips Don't Lie, Shakira
  3. Headsprung, LL Cool J
  4. The Fat Dance
  5. Push It, Salt-N-Pepa
  6. Various rap songs
  7. My Humps, Black Eyed Peas
  8. Yo, Chris Brown
  9. My Milkshake, Kelis
  10. Dragostea din Tei, O-Zone
10. Top Ten Ridiculous Apparel Items
  1. Brossiere
  2. Muu Muu
  3. Crocs
  4. Dog Sweater
  5. Ugg Boots
  6. Beer Hat
  7. Stirrup pants
  8. Pink cowboy boots
  9. Shirts with fake pockets
  10. Sweatpants
Here's to a hundred more!

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