20 March 2010

We Started this Op'ra Shit

Early this morning, Spock, myself, and two of our friends went to yet another Repo! shadowcast. This one was special, though. In addition to the standard shenanigans of a midnight show-- yelling, swearing, singing, jumping up and down waving glowsticks-- we were also treated to a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity. As you may know, the movie Repo Men came out yesterday; it's a movie so nauseating and unapologetic in its similarity to Repo! that RtGO fans chose to boycott it. The movie also caught the attention of Terrance Zdunich; he was really pissed. As faithful portrayers of Repo!, each shadowcasting troupe was sent a special DVD to show at the end of the movie. It was about seven minutes long, and showed the evolution of Repo, as well as cut scenes that were not available on the DVD. I felt special just for being there.
Despite mine and Spock's prediction that the footage would leak online, people seem to have heeded the DVD's menu and credits specifically asking not to distribute or duplicate its contents. I haven't found any of the footage yet. Could it be that some people still harbor common decency?

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