03 April 2010

After All These Years

Yesterday was my parents' 20th anniversary. Yes, they got married on April Fool's Day; I can't complain if you have a laugh about it because everyone does. In order to celebrate, I stayed up all night making a video for them, with a bunch of old pictures and the song "Still the One" by Orleans; it's one of their favorites. As usual, Youtube denied me the permission to put it up with the song, because of copyright issues. I'm so tired of that happening. So, I put it on Facebook instead; I apologize if the link doesn't work, even though it should be a public video. Youtube really has to get over themselves about copyright violations; no-one is making money off of the uploaded videos except them, anyway.
The Nationwide Equality Prom was today, so Spock and I, along with a few of our friends, dressed up in our high school-prom finest and went to school. I was very disappointed. Despite all the staring and outright jeering, almost no-one asked us what we were all about. It was fun, sure, but did it actually have a purpose? I doubt it.
Anyway... In honor of my parentss anniversary,and because we've been watching America's Funniest Home Videos a lot lately, I give you:
Twenty Hilarious Wedding Videos!

1. Wedding Mishaps Compilation
2. Wedding Fainter
3. Wedding Guest FAIL
4. Wedding Bloopers
5. Drunk Scottish Wedding Guest
6. How to Ruin a Wedding in 1:37
7. Idiot Ruins Brother's Wedding
8. Bride Cheats with the Best Man
9. Bride Gets Dress Caught on Fire
10. Cat Fight at Our Wedding
11. Maid of Honor Gets Knocked Out!
12. World's Shortest Wedding Toast
13. Bride Falls in Pool
14. Wedding Mistake
15. Worst Wedding Moments
16. Trying to Drink at Wedding Fail
17. How NOT to Make a Wedding Entrance
18. Wedding Disaster
19. Best Man Fail
20. Top 20 Stupid Things to Do at a Wedding
Congrats, Mom and Dad!

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