28 April 2010

The Things We Do For Pizza

For reasons unknown to me, Spock's dad, as well as various other members of his family, love Monical's Pizza, a restaurant chain located in Illinois, Indiana, and Wisconsin. Unfortunately, the closest Monical's to them is about twenty minutes away from Spock and I, and an hour and a half away from them. So, every couple months, they come down to our Monical's and Spock and I have dinner with them. I'm not the biggest fan of Monical's [to me, the pizza is mediocre at best], but I like to go because Spock's family is fun. Not just fun, either; I might be mistaken, but I think they actually look forward to seeing me. I'm used to the families of the people I have dated to either be indifferent toward me or, in more recent cases, outright hate me. So being accepted by his family is really important--and somewhat shocking--to me. The brood came down last night for pizza, and I was actually engaged in conversation, rather than sitting around feeling like a fifth--or in this case, ninth--wheel. Spock's dad asked me about school, and his stepmom asked about my career goals. And we even joked with each other. I know this probably seems weird to most people reading it, but I'm not used to being anything more than tolerated. I couldn't tell you why that happens, or what aura of indifference I give out for other people to pick up on me. But I must be doing something right this time, or maybe Spock's family is just that much better than the other families of the other former lovers. Either way, I'm happy.

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