16 April 2010


College visits are supposed to be productive, aren't they? When you drive 150 miles to go to a school that you are giving thousands of dollars to, they should give a little back. I think the reason that I'm upset is because I assumed--rightfully, as this was indicated on the numerous propaganda that I received from EIU--that I would be assigned an adviser today. That was the whole point of Debut Day: to meet with an adviser from your department in order to discuss the best course of action for the coming semester. Instead, I met up with the other six psych majors that showed up, and was told that we would be assigned official advisers next week. We were then ushered to a room with some laptops set up, and faculty advisers [who seemed to be either secretaries, students, or both] guided us through the magical process of logging onto the system [OOH!], changing our default password [AAH!], and registering for courses [AS IF I HAVEN'T BEEN DOING THAT FOR THE PAST THREE YEARS!]. I'm sorry, but I could have registered for my classes in the comfort of my own home. I could have done it at 2AM, in my underwear, eating Cheetos. I didn't get to see my future roomie, Freak, either. My phone died, so I couldn't call her. the only thing I took out of this visit was my Panther Card, which is my student ID/library card/debit card/magic wand, as far as the school is concerned. It has everything except GPS; I'm sure Mama Bear wishes it had that feature, too. Apart from that, though, the day was, as my law enforcement teacher says, a "warsh." After leaving campus, we went to Little Caesar's to get a pizza for lunch. There was a girl in the parking lot wrangling cups and lids and pizza, so I got out to help her. Turns out, she's an EIU student, and she has the same name as me. Funny how that works.
After that, we went to a bunch of thrift stores on the way home; it is our nature to be cheapskates. I found the proverbial motherload of anime VHS tapes at a Salvation Army near Champaign [my state has some of the oddest town names, but that's a subject for a different day]. Pretty much nothing I found was mainstream. The best part was that all of the tapes were $1.00, making me curious as to how much they're actually worth. I don't think I have any real gems, but you just never know with these sorts of things. I was surprised to see that many of them still have registration cards in them, indicating to me that they have never been watched. The only thing that disheartens me is that they're all dubs; there are no original-language versions that I could find. Nevertheless, my anime collection has increased exponentially.
Let's see how much my pile of anime [and Star Trek movies!] is worth:
1. Area 88: Act II-The Requirement of Wolves: $6.99 on eBay
2. Blue Seed: Volume 2: $8.21 on Amazon
3. Blue Seed: Volume 6: $4.99 on Amazon
4. Blue Seed: Betrayal: $23.70 on Amazon [whoa...]
5. Blue Seed: Fate & Destiny: $6.98 on Amazon
6. Blue Seed: Rebirth: $3.99 on Amazon
7. Blue Seed: When Gods Walk the Earth: $3.48 on Amazon
8. Cardcaptors: Tests of Courage: $32.66 on GoSale.com [squee!]
9. Elf Princess Rane: $14.95 on Amazon
10. Ellcia: Part 2 - Ghost Ship: $6.99 on Amazon
11. Ellcia: Part 4 - Ship of God: $29.95 on ex.org
12. My Youth in Arcadia [aka Arcadia of My Youth]: $18.50 on Amazon
13. Princess Mononoke [in horrible, horrible condition]: $2.90 [used-acceptable] on Amazon
14. Star Trek: The Motion Picture - Special Longer Version: $8.79 on eBay
15. Star Trek: Insurrection $2.48 on Amazon
TOTAL WORTH: $175.56
Mind you, these are the lowest potential prices for the videos; therefore, this is the least I could expect to get if I tried to sell them.
PROFIT: $160.56
I'd have to say I won out on this. Time to get cracking on my new anime...

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