25 April 2010

Please Please Love Me Do

Going to a Rush concert is doubtful, but at least I got to see Beatles cover bands this year! Today was Beatles at the Barn, a fundraiser held at the in Hobart, Indiana. My sister Ladybug is obsessed with the Beatles, and going to the concert was part of her birthday present. The part I found interesting was that the bands playing were not dedicated Beatles cover bands; they are local bands who just happen to love the Beatles. The three bands that played--and I recommend you check all of them out, because they were phenomenal--are Chris & Lou, The Dan Holmes Group, and The Crawpuppies. I probably shouldn't pick favorites, but I will anyway: in my opinion, the Dan Holmes Group was the best. I definitely want to check out one of their shows. They gave all of the covers their own personal touch, but without deviating too far away from the spirit of the music. I think my whole family had a great time, and we're looking forward to going next year.
Today's list is going to be a bit tougher than most. I'm not very good at picking favorite songs, and this is especially true of Beatles music. So, rather than trying to pick a top ten or even twenty favorite Beatles tunes, I'm going to pick my favorite song from each member's solo career. Also, instead of the usual JohnPaulGeorgeRingo that everyone seems to go with, I've put them in order of my own personal preference.
My Favorite Beatles' Solo Songs
George Harrison: Give Me Love (Give Me Peace On Earth)
John Lennon: Love
Ringo Starr: Photograph
Paul McCartney: Say, Say, Say
Have a fab weekend!

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