26 April 2010

Are You Sure You're a Girl?

Today, I got a message from EIU telling me that I was missing necessary components in order to be eligible for financial aid. I assumed it was my missing high school transcript, which seems to be mussing up a great many things, even though I sent it with the rest of my application. [Note to self: visit high school to send transcript again] But, you know what assuming does. In an e-mail addressed to Ms. [insert my actual name here], I was instructed to check my requirement messages. This is what I got [emphasis added]:
Requirement Message
Request for Selective Service compliance card Please send to this office a photocopy of your Selective Service Registration Compliance Card. If you do not have a card, please call 847-688-6888 to obtain official acknowldegement of your Selective Service Registration. If you are a female, please provide this office with a signed statement indicating this. If you have not registered, you may register on line at https://www.sss.gov/regist%20information.htm. Please remember to provide us with proof after you register.
In short, I have to prove to the school that I am a girl, when someone over there apparently knows I am, as indicated by the e-mail they sent me. Maybe it's an overreaction on my part to be absolutely livid about this, but I am. Being a smartass, I even followed their link to the Selective Service site, where I found out that I am not permitted to register. Spock, however, had forgotten to register, so I signed him up instead, so he doesn't get deported. [I know he won't, but I still find it amusing.] So, when I get home today, I'll type up a statement proving that I am, in fact a girl; if I'm feeling particularly jaunty, I will type it in an amusing font, on pink paper. I want your thoughts on this, though. I registered as a female, so why should I have to prove that it's what I am?


  1. Do it, go for the pink paper and a fancy ass girlie font. Nonster