04 April 2010

Where Are They Now?: Jesus Christ Superstar

My family doesn't have many traditions, but one of the few that we do have is to watch Jesus Christ Superstar at some point during Lent, usually on the night before Easter. We are bizarre, I know. This particular post is coming at you from a suggestion of Severe's; he was curious if anyone had ever done a "Where Are They Now?" kind of thing for the stars of the movie. Well, I love a good research project; I am such a nerd. So, despite the fact that I have been researching for a law enforcement paper on Neighborhood Watch, literally all day, I present to you:
Where Are They Now? - Jesus Christ Superstar
Ted Neeley
Jesus Christ
Born: 20 September 1943
Last role: Rip Tide: Larry Bloom (1985)
Current projects: Neeley is still touring in JCS. Some suspect that he believes he actually is our Lord and Savior.
Website: Neeley On the Road

Carl Anderson
Judas Iscariot
Born: 27 February 1945
Died: 23 February 2004
Last role: Mello's Kaleidoscope: Dr. Klip (2002)
Current projects: None. Anderson died of leukemia in 2004.
Website: Carl Anderson

Yvonne Elliman
Mary Magdalene
Born: 29 December 1959
Last role: The Passion- Films, Faith, & Fury: Herself (2006)
Current projects: Elliman occasionally reprises her role in JCS, but she is primarily focused on her own music.
Website: Yvonne Elliman

Barry Dennen
Pontius Pilate
Born: 22 February 1938
Last role: Dragon Age: Origins: Various voices (2009)
Current projects: At present, Dennen is keeping busy doing voiceover work for video games.
Website: Barry Dennen

Bob Bingham
Born: 29 October 1946
Last role: The Nostril Picker: Unknown role (1993)
Current projects: Bingham seems to have fallen off the grid after his 1993 film, The Nostril Pickers. I shit you not.
Website: Wikipedia

Larry Marshall
Simon Zealotes
Born: 3 April 1944
Last role: Soul Food: Jeremiah Joseph (2000-2002)
Current projects: Marshall has played a few bit roles on television as of late, but nothing very major.
Website: Wikipedia

Josh Mostel
King Herod
Born: 21 December 1946
Last role: State of Play: Pete (2009)
Current projects: Mostel played a modest role in the Adam Sandler films Billy Madison and Big Daddy, and has also been on Law & Order, as well as a few other television shows.
Website: Wikipedia

Kurt Yaghjian
Born: Unknown
Last role: Hair: Ain't Got No (1979)
Current projects: To say there is little information about Yaghjian is an understatement. After the '70s, he just disappeared.
Website: Wikipedia

Paul Thomas (Philip Toubus)
Born: 17 April 1947
Last role: Imps*: Roger (2009)
Current projects: After JCS, it seems that Thomas became a porn star. The most interesting career move I've uncovered all night.
Website: Wikipedia

Andrew Lloyd Webber
Born: 22 March 1948
Last role: Live From Studio 5: Himself (2009)
Current projects: Love Never Dies, the highly-anticipated sequel to The Phantom of the Opera, was released in October 2009. How I didn't hear about is a mystery to me, seeing as I'm an ALW fanatic.
Website: Andrew Lloyd Webber

Tim Rice
Born: 10 November 1944
Last project: Nutcracker and the Rat King: Songwriter (2010)
Current projects: Rice's songs have been far busier than he has; while they have been making the rounds on television shows both in English and Spanish, he hasn't done much significant writing as of late.
Website: Tim Rice

Happy Easter! Enjoy your colorful chicken embryos!

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